My Body is My Authority

This article will be written in English with the help of Google Translate, U-Dictionary and my improvisation. I will apologize to my English teacher. πŸ™‚

So, let’s talk about “my body is my authority”. You can agree or disagree with my opinion. I just want to share with you and write in English hehe.

In this article, I would like to share my discomfort when I am seen not as myself but by my height and stature, or I am seen as a “smart woman” because I wear glasses. I only wore what people wanted to see, like I had to be responsible for other people’s views. And that seems a little unfair to me.

Authority is the moral or legal right or ability to control. These are our bodies, we have the right to control our bodies. In my opinion, Allah has given us the right as Khalifah, He trusted us, He has given us the sense to think and the feeling to feel, so what’s wrong with having authority over our bodies? In addition to rights, there are duties to be fulfilled especially if having confidence and have established the rule concerning dressing for women, like wearing clothing that closes the veil.

The thing that’s uncomfortable for me is that women have to take responsibility for the male desire. I’d say the usual things we hear, like when women are the rape victims who are asked is “What about the clothes she’s wearing?”. It’s not a youtube video saying, it’s what’s going on around here. That’s a recurring mistake. Rape results from a sense of dominance by the perpetrator of the victim and not the clothing the victim was wearing. Say if there is a Muslim woman not wearing a veil while the majority of clerics say her hair is a veil, does that mean she has a right to be harassed? If a woman has huge breasts, does she have the right to be raped? Even men have authority, he can choose to act casual. He’s not a robot when he sees a woman’s hair auto-engaged. Never compared cats and salted fish cause it’s very annoying.

……….. Gatau lagi


Blog tanpa tema, tulisan seadanya, semoga ada manfaatnya! hehe.

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